Micro Piles

Thomas Drilling has many years of experience with drilling and installing micro-piles.

Micropiles also known as minipiles are constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel casing and/or threaded bar.

A casing is normally used and drilled to a design depth.  A high strength steel reinforcing  bar is placed inside the casing and grouted using high strength cement grout.  The finished micropile resists compressive, uplift/tension and lateral loads.  Micropile drilling methods generate minimal disturbance or vibration to adjacent structures, making micropiles an excellent underpinning alternative.

Common Uses of Micropiles:

  • To provide a fast, effective alternative to more traditional underpinning methods
  • Structural support of foundations new or existing
  • To replace deteriorating foundation systems
  • To provide extra support for structures during renovation

Micropile Engineering and Design
Thomas Drilling can design your micropile project.  Our team of registered engineers and specialists can provide complete construction plans.