After twenty years working for a blasting company as a blaster, a superintendent, and as general manager, Carl Thomas was directed to sell the equipment and, in reality, start looking for another job. He went one step further and in 1971 started Thomas Drilling and Blasting Corp.

The first job he landed was blasting a cellar hole in Keene, NH. “In getting started we did every blasting job in New England that no one else wanted. We worked Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to meet our obligations. In the process, we made a lot of friends. I could fill pages with names of contractors that gave us work, that protected us, that helped made sure we were paid, and that have remained lifetime friends.”

Carl’s son, Dave, came to work in 1972 after receiving a degree in mechanical engineering. He didn’t ask for any favors and he wasn’t given any. He started working as a driller and now is President of Thomas Drilling and Blasting Corporation. He is also owner or manager of several other corporations owned by the Thomas family. He did this working twelve hour days.

David’s dedication to the blasting industry throughout the years has been recognized by his election to the Presidency of the Society of Explosives Engineers. This is a national/international organization consisting of businesses, organizations and people who regulate, use, manufacture, or are in some way, involved with explosives.

Carl’s daughter, Lynn Thomas, also has her own company. She is a licensed blaster. She is a member of the Society of Explosive Engineers and is a formerly director of the New England Chapter of the Society of Explosive Engineers. She is also involved in the home builders and Norwich University.

Throughout the years several more companies were formed by the Thomas family including:

Thomas Instruments

Manufactures seismographs, elevator monitoring equipment; lightning detectors, electronic blasting equipment.

D&L Thomas Equipment

Sales and rental of drilling and blasting equipment, and supplies, foreign and domestic.

North American Track

Sales of undercarriage components for excavators and track machines.

Thomas Drilling and Blasting Corporation has become one of the largest drilling and blasting contractors in New England.

At the height of our work season, the Thomas organizations will employ in excess of 120 people and have more than 25 different jobs ongoing every day. We didn’t do this all by ourselves. All of our employees should be commended for the work that they have done. We owe these people so much. ~ Carl B. Thomas